June was sporting director at Napoli, which in May won their first Serie A title after 33 years.

“The sexist words would be disgraceful if said in a pub, let alone on the stage of a big sports event,” he said. “Unfortunately, the football world seems to be doing its all to habituate us to the worst.”

Luisa Rizzitelli, the president of Assist, the national association for female athletes, said Giuntoli should resign.
She said: “I admit it’s difficult to find the words to describe the indignation, disgrace and anger at the comments made by the Juventus sporting director. Pure sexism should only have one consequence: immediate resignation.”

Despite the advances in women’s football in Italy, sexism is still prevalent, and in sport in general. A referee was criticised after appearing to snub the handshake of a female official after a Serie A match this month. In July, the state broadcaster, Rai, suspended two male commentators after they made racist and sexist remarks during the World Aquatics Championships in Japan.

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